Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Udemy-virtual learning and teaching tool

So many online learning tools are available out there, Udemy seems an interesting one. Watch the introduction video.

Udemy provides the basic tools so anyone can create their own online course in minutes on any subject they like. Educators can upload presentations, videos, and write blog posts for their online course.
Udemy also enables instructors to engage with their users, providing participants with the ability to “subscribe” to courses so they are more engaged. They can also ask questions via the discussion boards and publish links and comments on course to Twitter and Facebook. One of the most compelling features of Udemy is the live virtual classroom, where instructors can host a live video conference with students using Udemy’s proprietary live video technology. Udemy Live has a whiteboard, presentation viewer, chatroom, and file-sharing component. Over 10 videos can stream on Udemy Live and 1000+ users can watch a session. Read more from TechCrunch

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