Sunday, June 14, 2009

Search engines comparision

Websites allow you to compare searches from the major engines:
1)Blind search-you don't know the names of three search engines, you run a search and get a three column set of results - simply choose the one set of results that you're happiest with. You'll then see the engines popped up; Bing, Google or Yahoo. (I tried several searches both the web and images, and I felt that the results are inconsistent, sometimes the performance of a particular search engine is surprisingly good or bad. And the search results from this site of a particular engine are totally different if you do a separate search from the search engine site. I have doubts on the credibility of this site.)
2)Bing and Google (believe me, you don't need much searches to find out that Google is the winner!)
3) Triple me-does a search across Yahoo, Google and MSN Live
4). GrabAll allows you to compare two pane results for Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, DMOZ, AltaVista, Gigablast and Looksmart.
And more like these:

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