Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah's story

There were some distractions in my life recently, so I haven't read blogs I subscribed to as often as before. Today I read Sarah's blog LibrarinInBlack (I have followed her blog for years), and moved by her story, and and admired her courage of sharing her personal experience for common good. And I was moved by the overwhelming comments too. They are so inspiring, encouraging. here is one I like by Ruth:

"The best advice I received was from a doctor who told me that the people involved with an unwell person will tell and impose their stories on that patient, as I'm doing with you. She told me to understand that what they say is their story, and that my story is mine. I'm not expressing myself very well. What I'm trying to say is to ignore negative comments from people around you, they have an agenda. Your agenda is different. Selectively ignore people."

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