Tuesday, June 23, 2009

College of 2020: Students

Chronicle of Higher Education Research Services made the report "College of 2020: Students" available. Here is executive summary
"This is the first Chronicle Research Services report in a three-part series on what higher education will look like in the year 2020. It is based on reviews of research and data on trends in higher education, interviews with experts who are shaping the future of colleges, and the results of a poll of members of a Chronicle Research Services panel of admissions officials." The cost of full report (55 pages) is $75.

The keywords in the summary are technology, flexibility, convenience, online learning, lower cost.
1)The traditional model of college is changing, as demonstrated by the proliferation of colleges (particularly for-profit institutions), hybrid class schedules with night and weekend meetings, and, most significantly, online learning.
2)Students’ convenience is the future. More students will attend classes online, study part time, take courses from multiple universities, and jump in and out of colleges.
3) The full-time residential model of higher education is getting too expensive for a larger share of the American population. More and more students are looking for lower cost alternatives to attending college. This trends will make community colleges and for-profit colleges popular choices and higher demand of inexpensive online courses.
3) minority students will outnumber whites on college campuses for the first time by 2020

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