Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live Search Mother's Day Homepage image

I like Live Search mother's day logo, it's animated. If you use the Live Search often, you are aware that the homepage image changes frequently. One the background image, there are three clickable hotspots; click each spot it will bring up search results related to the highlighted area.

Actually this is old news. Microsoft redesigned the Live Search homepage last July. The new design features background images that change frequently, augmented with three or four "hotspots. These interactive areas highlight parts of the image and help users explore search results related to the highlighted area. Read the original news from Live Search blog.

The purpose of doing so as Live Search claimed:
"We want the page to be a great place to start a search and also to intrigue and inform as well," the team wrote in its blog. "We think hotspots will help users discover parts of Live Search they might not know while not distracting from the core purpose of the page -- searching."

It seemed there are both positive and negative feedback, but I like it!. It is visually beautiful and informative. It may not help its search functionaries but if it doesn't have bad effect on searching such as slowing down search, why not? it's something different from other search engines.

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