Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Adobe Online Tools Create Documents and Presentations

Adobe free content creation tools include Buzzword-a word processor, Adobe ConnectNow for hundling online meetings, and newly released released presentation tool, simple called Presentations. Most of the tools require Flash 9, while Presentation needs Flash 10.

Similar to Google Docs, with Buzzword, you'll invite a contact to view or edit one of your files, and you can even make changes at the same time. A commenting tool lets you also add notations, so group members see your reasoning behind edits.

ConnectNow handles online meetings. Up to three people can share desktops and documents in the live screencasting tool. Its built-in VoIP option handles spoken conversations--a chat window works for typing--plus a collaborative whiteboard lets everyone focus on the same thing.

Presentations, the newest addition, lets you create, store, and modify PowerPoint-style presentations as a group. The service is separated from these other tools, hosted at because it has more, critical features coming. For example, Presentations can't yet export PowerPoint files, However, Adobe is actively working on adding that option; the company expects it by the end of the year.

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