Monday, March 23, 2009

Library Technology Conference

I attended 2009 Library Technology Conference at Macalester College in St. Paul last week (March 18-19). There were so many programs, I wished I had Monkey King's magic tricks and then I could appear to different sessions at same time. Unfortunately the participants had to choose only one session among 6-9 in a time slot. So we've gotten a bigger chance to miss a good or better program. This is how most of library conferences organized and I think it's where could be done better. Fortunately I did go to several good sessions such as Google Apps for Libraries, High-tech toys and tools: implications for libraries, etc. I heard about kindle, portable PCs, iphones, ipod touch before, but this time I got a chance to look at these tiny devices (Amazon Kindle, Sony portable e-book reader, Asus EEE mini PCs, XO-1 laptop for children, Nokia Internet Tablet, iPod touch, Fly fusion pentop computer, etc.) with my eyes, touch and play them with my hands. I got a real feeling on how technology advances rapidly.

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