Tuesday, February 24, 2009

China donate 200,000 e-books to Cambridge University Libraries

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao gave Cambridge University libraries 200,000 electronic books as a gift when he visited the University recently as part of the University's 800th Anniversary celebrations. The gift is one of the largest single donations received in the University Library's 650-year history and almost doubles the number of electronic books at its disposal.
The 200,000 titles in the donation have been selected to complement the Library's existing Chinese holdings, and comprise books published since 1992 in the humanities, including classical and modern Chinese language and literature, history, geography, politics, economics, law, philosophy, religion, social sciences, military affairs, culture, education and art.
Cambridge's Chinese collections is one of the finest in the world, this donation "provides even more comprehensive support for the future development of Chinese Studies in Cambridge" (Cambridge University Librarian Peter Fox)

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